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Thoughts on “Boyhood”

Last night I had the experience of going to watch Richard Linklater’s mysterious gem of a film, Boyhood. With the hype surrounding this film right now, it was hard not to go in with extremely high expectations — and these were all the more elevated for me, a Linklater fan already. 

The film is strange and singular; there really isn’t anything quite like it in the history of cinema. It’s not free from flaw, but it attempts something that is much larger than its scale, and somehow becomes a piece about existence that creates such a strong gravity, that it’s easy to reflect heavily on your own life halfway through; the biggest questions of life swim ever closer into focus as this film marches on. At least, that’s what happened to me. I’m going to try and examine the breadth of this piece, touch its weaker spots, and attempt to locate where this thing sits in the spectrum of art and film.

And I’m gonna do it all in a coupla paragraphs! 

Afficher davantage

By the way, I saw “Boyhood” last night. It was phenomenal, and I have a lot of complex thoughts about it. A full review will come soon.

omg on meetup there is a group that gets together at a cafe and just discusses death

silkscreen - Yes! I’ve met a group through there before, a long time ago (it was weird and took place at a bar in Times Square — it’s not a story worth telling), and I’m also a member of Aces NYC there. I wonder if I can find some sort of group that has similar interests as me there?

TUMBLR. Are there any other good sites for meeting platonic friends online other than OKC? I sorta have trouble meeting people, and I really want more close(r) friends here, and I’m in a happy, monogamous relationship and have no interest in romantic/sexual (lol, for I am ace) encounters. It’s been kinda hard for me.

Let me know?