Ugggggghhhh the Fifty Shades film is approaching release

I’m so fucking scared. That book is so riddled with abusive scenarios masquerading as a legitimate BDSM relationship dynamic. I’m scared because of the misinformation and misguidance presented within it. I’m scared that the mass audience the film will reach that the book did not will start a horrifying trend of new abusive situations that are bent and molded to seem okay, normal, healthy. I’m scared this film will continue to harm the nature of building a healthy relationship between two people.

But you know what really scares me most? I’m scared more women will be hurt.


if u throw romance repulsed aros & sex repulsed aces under the bus i will fight u tbh



but why do i say “i know” to my pets when they make noises. im lying to them. i don’t know anything.

I do this to my rabbit. My rabbit doesn’t even make noises.

Aha. Ahaha.

I got a bunch of bunny stuff for my birthday, including more rabbit toys which I am super excited about(!!!) and some of the Beatrix Potter books (yayyy), but I also got this little book published by Usborne, called “Usborne First Pets: Rabbits” and it’s great because it has super cute pictures and some interesting information, BUT, it has COMPLETELY wrong information on rabbits and rabbit care.

If you are considering buying a book on rabbits for anyone, especially an older child, it is in your best interest not purchase this book or really any other book that claims to know what they’re talking about when it comes to rabbits UNLESS they specifically use the term “house rabbits”.

Instead, go to and read the info there.


Giuseppe Croff - The Veiled Nun (1860)

I understand the impetus behind the counting of children and female casualties. The killing of innocents in Gaza by Israel’s war machine is a crime. But Palestinian men are victims of Israeli state terrorism too. Let’s not repeat the logic of the war on terror, where only children and women can be victims but men (including boys over 15, sometimes 13) are always suspects and thus somehow they share in the blame of their own death. This is the gendering of the War on Terror: our men and boys are inherently dangerous and are merely the potential for violence encased in human flesh.

Furthermore, every woman who lives and loves and loses and struggles within Israel’s military occupation and siege is a revolutionary. You do not have to pick up a gun in Gaza to be a revolutionary or an “enemy” of Israel. You just have to be alive and to insist on living. After all, isnt’ that point of settler colonialism?

Maya Mikdashi (via niqabisinparis)